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<molybden> шокирущая правда о BSD поцоны: http://aboutthebsds.wordpress.com/
<molybden> OpenBSD?s PF: A stripped down copy of IPTABLES.
<BaT> Всю подноготную выложили :(
<BaT> In the case of FreeBSD, it is particularly alarming as the FreeBSD
<BaT> project under IXsystems has been suspected of working with malicious
<BaT> organizations such as Apple, Microsoft, the CIA, NSA, and possibly even
<BaT> the KGB.
<molybden> из коментов вот: BSD has clearly been taken over by the KGB. If you think that fascism and communism are good then use FreeBSD. I even heard that it is now popular among Nazis to use FreeBSD.